11 Dec

How Invisalign Corrected my Misaligned Bottom Teeth in Less Than a Year

With my wedding a little less than a year away, I felt confident about how I looked. I wasn’t going to be one of those brides that spent the time up to their wedding desperately trying to lose weight. Sure, I would like to tone up a bit, but I was in a great place with myself. However, one thing that has always bothered me was what I saw in the mirror when I smiled. I had braces during my early years and, I must admit, they aligned my teeth perfectly. However, during my move to college I didn’t pack my retainer and pretty much forgot about it. I honestly couldn’t tell you where it ended up.

Over the years my teeth have slowly shifted. The result is a set of bottom teeth that don’t really fit well with my top teeth. My bottom teeth have slowly shifted inwards towards my tongue. It can be a little painful at times. Sometimes I will wake up from a dead sleep with my teeth clenched together and a slight pain in my lower jaw.

A girlfriend of mine had recently found an Invisalign dentist in our area and she had been raving about the results, maybe a little too much, for the past few months. I already had a dentist Granada Hills rated very highly. However, after I spoke to her at length about the process, I made up my mind to undergo an Invisalign procedure in Granada Hills.

The Invisalign dentist I spoke to was incredibly friendly and explained the procedure in great detail. Honestly, it seemed too good to be true! I immediately moved forward and picked up the Invisalign appliances in Granada Hills to get started. I started to be able to feel my teeth being aligned within the first few weeks. I loved that I could easily pop out the Invisalign tray when I was out to dinner or if I was spending a night out with my fiancé. The tray was easy to tote around in its case and I could easily pop it back in. By month 4 I could no longer feel my bottom teeth leaning inward and the clenching pain was completely gone by month 5.

By the time my wedding came my entire smile was better aligned. As an added bonus, my cheeks seemed slimmer due to the fact that my teeth were properly aligned. I was incredibly pleased with my results and would highly recommend Invisalign to anyone looking to correct issues without traditional braces!