Repaid Damaged Gums

Gum Grafting in Granada Hills

You can have a beautiful face and a healthy body but you need a beautiful white set of teeth to cap it all up. When your gum line is unaligned or too far below the lip line, your smile may not be as appealing. Your gums are the foundation for a healthy and beautiful smile. A receding gum line has become common in society today due to numerous factors that range from genetic combination, hard brushing habits and sometimes it is hereditary. This results in the thinning of the tissues and root surfaces that in turn cannot provide enough seal to shield the tooth. This ultimately leads to a high risk of root cavities, painful teeth sensitivity and a set of dentures you may not feel comfortable enough to show. Our dentists have years of experience helping our patients smile with confidence once again. This is rectifiable. You don’t have to be strict and self-conscious about the appearance of your smile. Ideally, the gums should appear aligned and smooth, and should act as a complement to a person's smile, rather than as a distraction. There are many forms of grafting and re-contouring of the gum but usually it involves the movement of gum tissue from one area of the mouth to another to protect the root surfaces from decay or abrasive toothbrushes. They are also used to further avert the receding gum line and/or to make the gums more resilient around the teeth. However, it has been discovered that most conditions can be addressed by 2 types of gum graft procedures:

The Pinhole Surgical Technique:

This technique, also known as (PST), is a recent advancement in dentistry and gum grafting in Granada Hills which allows the combination of a modified tunnel technique and the use of a surgical instrument. It is minimally invasive in soft-tissue. There is no need for cutting or stitches. This process begins with making a small hole in the gum and then placing a special surgical instrument through the hole to free the gums with gentle movements. Once they are unattached, the gums are guided down to the ideal placement for a healthy look. Once corrected, tiny collagen strips are placed inside to keep the gums in place for healing. The healing process happens fairly quickly and at times within a day. This process is fairly popular now and has been seen as visually appealing once complete.

Traditional Gum Grafting in Granada Hills:

This technique requires cutting tissue from the roof of the mouth (Subepithelial Connective Tissue Gum Graft) then sealing the roof incision with stitches. The dentist then cuts into the area where the gum recession is and lifts it. The tissue from the palate is then placed over the recession and stitched to hold in place for healing. Depending on how much your gums have receded, our dentists will give you the best advice on which treatment is best for you.