16 Oct

5 Reasons As To Why You Shouldn’t Delay Getting Your Root Canal

Most people dread the thought of getting root canals in Granada Hills. However, if you have been told that you need one, then you should get it as soon as possible. There are several reasons that a dentist Granada Hills recommends that people get root canals as soon as possible.

Stop the Infection

A root canal is recommended when there is an infection in your tooth. A Root canal dentist can easily stop this infection if it is treated early. However, the infection will continue to spread if you do not get the root canal.

Pain Relief

The pain is one of the reasons that people are afraid to get a root canal. However, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. In fact, you can alleviate the pain by getting a root canal.

It Will not Heal on its Own

In some cases, things go away when you ignore them. However, an infected tooth is not one of those things. Some people will notice that if they wait a long time, then the pain goes away. This is not a good sign. If the pain goes away, then this is a sign that the nerves have died. Although the nerves are dead, the infection will continue to spread.

The Problem Will get Worse

The bacteria from the infected tooth can spread to your jaw and gums. In rare cases, it can cause your entire body to develop inflammation. This can increase the risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

Save Your Tooth

If you do not get a root canal, then you will likely lose the tooth. This is just the beginning of a host of problems. Your other teeth will likely start to decay. You may also develop gum disease. You do not want to risk this. One call can help save your precious smile.