06 Nov

Kimia: Causes for Dental Bruxism

If you grind your teeth in your sleep, it’s not something that should cause you to feel shame or embarrassment. In fact, so many people share that habit that there’s a medical term for it: bruxism. While it is common, it’s also important to treat it, before it causes serious oral health problems.

What Causes Bruxism?
Bruxism, or dental grinding, is a condition that can affect different people for different reasons. Although the condition has been researched, there’s no evidence that a single condition causes people to grind their teeth. While one factor might cause one person to grind their teeth, there may be other underlying causes to compel someone else to do it.
Often, bruxism occurs as the result of lifestyle factors. When people are highly stressed, they tend to grind their teeth as they sleep. Similarly, people suffering from sleep disorders can also develop a habit of grinding their teeth. It’s not uncommon for someone to experience both a sleep disorder and bruxism simultaneously.

In other circumstances, an individual may just have a more uptight personality, which makes them more apt to grind their teeth. An overbite may also cause you to develop bruxism as a means of dealing with dental discomfort. The habit may also develop temporarily, while suffering from an illness.

Treating Bruxism
There are two different approaches to treating bruxism. The first involves treating the underlying causes of the habit. While this may take a little longer, it’s often the healthier approach. For instance, reducing stress in your life and beginning meditation and other relaxation activities can help. As you begin to feel more relaxed, you will likely stop grinding your teeth.

If you do have other dental problems, receiving treatment for them may also help you stop grinding your teeth. While you’re visiting your dentist Granada Hills, it may be a good time to mention your dental grinding habits. We may recommend other lifestyle changes that can help you alleviate the condition.
The second approach is to treat bruxism directly. As you consult your dentist about a bruxism treatment in Granada Hills, we may suggest wearing a device to bed. Our team at Kimia Family Dentistry can create a mouth guard that fits your teeth. This won’t stop the grinding from occurring, but the guard creates a barrier between your teeth. The purpose of wearing the guard is to protect you from the enamel wear and tear that would otherwise occur. When you visit http://kimiafamilydentistry.com and contact our offices, Kimia Family Dentistry can begin assessing your oral care needs and help you avoid future tooth damage or loss