15 Mar

Side Effects Of Teeth Scaling

A dentist Granada Hills may recommend scaling in order to prevent the gums and teeth from developing complications. It is often referred to as root planing. It involves removing plaque that is around the gum pockets. It also removes tartar from the gum line.

What Complications Can Result From Scaling?
Scaling has more risks than traditional teeth cleaning in Granada Hills. If scaling is not done properly, then it can loosen the teeth. There is a chance that a person may lose multiple teeth if scaling is not done the right way. The risk is even higher among patients who have heart problems and diabetes.

Gum disease can also result if scaling is not done properly. It is not a painful condition, but it will continue to get worse if it is not treated. Additionally, teeth scaling can make the gums tender.

It is important to avoid smoking for a few days after you get scaling done. You also have to be careful when you consume things that can easily get stuck in your teeth. This includes foods such as nuts, chips and popcorn.

Threats to Teeth
The American Dental Association has stated that the tartar crossing limit is 3 millimeters. Anything higher will raise the risk of complications. Periodontal disease develops when there is more plaque in the gum pockets than usual.

Recommendations for Scaling
Scaling is recommended when regular dental cleaning in Granada Hills is not effective for removing plaque and bacteria. The risk of side effects of scaling are minimal if the procedure is done the right way. That is why the benefits of the procedure will outweigh the potential risks.

You may need to get scaling in order to save your teeth from gum disease. A dentist will do a thorough examination in order to determine whether scaling is necessary.