Relieve Abscessed Tooth

Dental Abscess Treatment in Granada Hills

Abscesses can be found in teeth and can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. An abscess is a collection of pus, which is a combination of white blood cells, germs, and dead tissue. The pus inside an abscess is either yellowish or greenish with a horrible smell. An abscess may be on the skin and inside the body as well. It can also be found in gums and teeth. When you continuously feel pain on your gums, teeth, and mouth, it might be an indication of an infection caused by bacteria. This leads to swelling and irritation.
Due to the rapid growth of bacteria, an abscess can form in a matter of hours or few days. Teeth abscesses can be divided into two types: gum abscess (periodontal abscess) and tooth abscess (periapical abscess). When food particles get trapped in between the teeth and gums, it may quickly degenerate to gum abscess especially in people with chronic periodontal disease. This will then lead to the growth of abscess in the bone and gums. On the other hand, periapical abscess shows up when the tooth nerve is about to die or is totally dead. The root of the tooth with the dying nerve is surrounded by abscess and spread to the surrounding bone. Visit us for our dental abscess treatment in Granada Hills. 

Impact of Abscess on the Human Body

The most visible impact with tooth abscess is the pain that accompanies it. For this reason, this condition is always treated as a matter of urgency. The following are associated with abscess buildup:
- Abscess can cause immense pain or no pain
- Abscess infections can last for months or years without being treated by a dentist
- In essence, an abscess will never heal itself
- Failure to effectively treat an abscess can lead to damage surrounding the bone and teeth.
- An untreated abscess can lead to the formation of a cyst in the jawbone

Paying Attention To Abscesses

Serious attention should be given to abscesses as they can spread and affect other part of the human body. A visit to the dentist is essential whenever you notice any form of pain in the mouth, gums or teeth. You may try some home solution like mouth rinsing with a mild salt solution to drain out the pus. If this eventually works, a visit to the dentist is still needed to clear and clean out the pus. The dentist will clean the area affected by abscesses thoroughly. This will create an opening for the escaping of the pus and the infection will be treated.
Depending on the severity of the abscesses, a fistula might have formed. The dentist will have to trace the root. An X-ray might be needed to know the position of the fistula. It is essential to find a dental abscess treatment. Once the infection is treated, the fistula will heal itself.  If the abscess formed inside a tooth then a hole is drilled into the hole to allow draining of the abscess. A badly damaged tooth caused by an abscess will have to be removed. After your dental abscess treatment in Granada Hills, you will be prescribed painkillers and antibiotics to allow quick healing.

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