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Dental Wax Mockups in Granada Hills

In dentistry, the idea of creating a picture of the result is an essential practice. This is the basis for which mock ups are essential. In the ordinary explanation, mock up is simply the process through which the expected end result of a dental restoration process can be assessed as well as communicated to allow the patient to make adjustable and satisfactory decisions on the type of smile they want to have.

Importance of Mock Up in Dental Restoration

During the dental restoration processes like porcelain veneers or tooth crown fixing, some irreversible alterations might be made to the surface of the patient’s tooth enamel. In order to ensure a satisfactory outcome in a restoration exercise, the patient is often subjected to what could be called a ‘smile exercise’ which will enable the dentist to observe the patient, design numerous patterns to best suit your smile as well as allow the patient to have an impression of what the outcome will look like. The following are reasons why a mock up exercise is necessary:

- It simulates and gives a clear impression of what is expected of the final outcome.
- According to patients’ desire, the outcome of a mock up exercise is temporal and subject to modifications.
- Due to the temporal and modifiable nature of mock up exercises, it can be repeated as many times as possible until it best suits the patient’s predetermined smile preference.
- Having a glimpse of what the outlook/result will be like helps to stimulate a sense of trust between the patient and their dentist.
- It also provides opportunity for the dentist to evaluate the patient's desires and change the treatment plan accordingly.

Steps Required in Mock Up Diagnosis

The dental wax mockups process in dental restoration is one that involves a series of examinations: both physiological and psychological in nature. To carry out a mock up diagnosis, it involves certain procedures which includes the following:

- The first step to take in a mock up exercise is an examination of the patient and a discussion of his/her aesthetic concern which enables the dentist to understand or get a glimpse of what the patient thinks is beautiful or desirable relating in a smile.
- With the help of pictures and a consultation with the patient, an impression of the teeth will be made with a cast fabricated. The dental technician is then informed of the required changes to be made on the cast.
- During changes, the dentist will work in partnership with the patient, they discuss the wax up and make necessary alterations until a desired form or pattern is attained.
- Once the desired result is achieved based on the patient's observation, a silicon index is then fabricated. A resin material is then placed in the index, which is subsequently transferred to be placed on the teeth. The wax up is copied to the teeth. Once the index is removed, the final outcome is shown.
- At completion, a photograph of the new look is presented to the patient to take home. In some other cases, patients can be allowed to take mock ups home and make a proper assessment of them over a little while before a final decision is taken.

It is however important to note that teeth need to be modified before the fabrication of the prosthesis. Mock ups cannot be used as a diagnostic procedure. In this case we can evaluate the final result of the treatment at the provisional stage, before the construction of the final work.

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