Repair Your Teeth

Composite Fillings in Granada Hills

A smiling face is therapeutic and reflects a lot of positive energy. Healthy and strong teeth are smile components, but for those with any form of teeth decay, chipped teeth, gapped teeth, cracked or broken teeth and a worn tooth, there is a more natural looking alternative: the tooth colored filling or the composite filling.

Metal and mercury fillings were used in the past to treat cavity problems. The advantage of our composite fillings in Granada Hills has proven to be a healthier and better alternative in restoring strong teeth. Composite fillings usually comprise of a tooth-like colored plastic mixture of powdered glass (silicon dioxide) and acrylic resin. The composite filling was invented and used originally for only the front teeth due to their softer nature. Shortly after, contemporary oral medicine advanced ways to make them generally usable today.

Unlike silver fillings, the placement of composite fillings is relatively difficult. Also, because they are cosmetic treatments, they usually take the dentist more time to fix than the silver fillings. 

One major advantage of the composite filling is its natural look and feel. It can also come in the shade of your present teeth in order to make it blend and less visible. People that want a more natural smile have made composite fillings their popular choice.

Just like other fillings, composite fillings do not last forever. A replacement is usually needed at some point. It is however important to state that they are highly durable and long lasting. Compared to the amalgam, the composite fillings cost more. The tooth-colored fillings or composite fillings have now gained more popularity than the amalgam and gold fillings due to its natural look.

There are many reasons why a composite or tooth-colored filling may be necessary:

Cracked teeth: this includes any form of fissure on a tooth.

Broken teeth: fragmentation of a tooth through an accident and sometimes it is hereditary.

Teeth decadence: this involves the decay of the teeth and can be caused by poor oral hygiene.

A worn tooth: the teeth could wear out due to several reasons. A composite filling can also be used to close the space between the teeth.

As soon as a cavity is discovered, you are advised to see your dentist for the best advice. You can complete your composite filling in just one appointment with your dentist. The first step is to numb the affected area with anesthetic to avert the operational pain. This is then followed by the removal of the affected tooth. The void left by the removed teeth is thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the filling. When the decay occurred close to the tooth nerve, special medications are applied for additional protection. Upon selection of the desired shade that matches the existing teeth, the placement of the composite filling must be precise, surgically shaped and polished. All these must be ensured in order to restore your teeth back to its original shape and function. After your newly installed composite fillings, it is possible for you to be utterly sensitive to hot and cold food. This would fade off overtime as you get used to your new dentures. After your composite filling is done, a good oral hygiene and cultivating good eating habits will help prolong your new fillings.