21 Mar

Will Veneers Ruin My Natural Teeth?

Deciding Your Reason for Considering Veneers
There are many reasons someone may opt to get porcelain veneers. Mostly, a person will want to brighten their smile. This could be because, over time, enamel on teeth may be worn to the point of a see-through appearance at the bottom cusps. Therefore, they are looking for a way to make their teeth more aesthetically pleasing.

Another reason would be to get a whiter appearance. Again, time will stain teeth and sometimes even regular trips to the dentist for cleanings do not whiten them the way we would like.

Also, people with crooked teeth that wore braces in the past but have failed to properly wear their retainer in order to keep their teeth straight, may try veneers before tackling braces for years again. Some others may not even want to bother with braces and go straight to their dentist to request veneers.

Ask Questions and Get Answers
Although you may have made your decision to apply veneers, you might still have some underlying concerns that something will go wrong during the process of the dentist placing them. If you are in California, dentist Granada Hills will give you that assurance that your permanent teeth will not be harmed.

Dentists who perform porcelain veneers in Granada Hills will have a consultation with you first to make you, the patient, as comfortable as they can. They will explain to you what the veneers are made of and how they are applied securely to your permanent teeth.

A few things that can be explained in this article about porcelain veneers is that they are stronger than your natural teeth and will not break. They are also made to withstand any type of stain that may target a regular set of teeth. Therefore, you will be able to drink that cup of coffee without worrying about staining your teeth. It will not penetrate into your veneers.

Find the Aesthetic Dentist That is Right for You
At this point, with those two appealing reasons to consider veneers, you may be asking yourself, where are porcelain veneers near me? Where can I find a professional dentist specifically licensed in aesthetic dentistry? If you live in or around Granada Hills, you will have no problem finding a dentist that can put a beautiful set of porcelain veneers on your teeth.

Finally, you have your own purpose for wanting a fabulous smile. The procedure of applying veneers is simple and will bring you much confidence within yourself after the task is done. So, find your dentist today, and begin wearing your true smile.