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Root Canals in Granada Hills

A healthy tooth is essential for a happy life. Not only does it help in the proper nutritional activities of chewing but also in having a captivating smile. Bad teeth can happen for various reasons: sometimes its because of an accident or poor hygiene. When this occurs, the main priority is to save the tooth to continue proper eating activities as usual. Root canals are the preferred method to save the original tooth from pulp decay and damage.

What To Expect During A Root Canal in Granada Hills:

Saving and restoring the natural tooth to its original and healthy state is one major concern everyone has, especially by those with inflamed or infected pulps. A root canal treatment procedure becomes necessary as it not only saves the tooth from extraction but also helps restore the proper function. Some prescribed medicine will help with the root canal pain. Below are the few steps to expect when going through a root canal:

  • - X-ray: the first step taken by a dentist is to check for the precise location of the decay where a root canal should be performed. This is done through the use of an x-ray or in some cases by examining an existing x-ray result. 
  • - Anesthesia: some local anesthetics will then be administered to the affected tooth. This is meant to serve as a relief to pain that could be experienced during root canal treatment. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal is in no way more painful and discomforting than a filling.
  • - Pulpectomy: this is the process of creating an opening and removing the affected tooth pulp.
  • - Filling: this process involves the cleaning of the root from which the diseased pulp is removed, filling with gutta-percha material, and subsequently sealed off with cement.

When Is Root Canal Treatment Required?

As a result of injury or a severe and untreated cavity, the pulp within the tooth can be exposed to bacterial and microbial infections which subsequently results in damage. In order to save the original tooth from extraction, a root canal is the best option. 

How A Root Canal Is Performed: Step By Step

Performing a root canal involves a four step procedure:

  • - The administration of local anesthetics to numb the tooth and reduce the pain that could be experienced.
  • - The dentist will then create a small opening at the top of the tooth in order to give way for clearing of the damaged pulp after which an antimicrobial solution will be applied to kill the remaining bacteria in the tooth and reduce the risk of further infection.
  • - Fillings made in the previous stage takes place at this particular time with the help of a permanent filling material called gutta percha.
  • - A permanent crown will then be placed on the treated tooth to return it to its original function. We prepare the crown on the same day. 

Tips For Care After A Root Canal:

With proper care and maintenance, a treated and restored tooth can last a lifetime after a root canal. Below are a few precautions to ensure a healthy and long lasting post-root canal tooth:

  • - Ensure proper hygiene.
  • - Brush and floss your teeth regularly as this could help prevent against future problems.
  • - Seek regular consultation and advice from your dentists and hygienists for proper cleanings and examinations.
  • - Chewing or exerting teeth on hard substances such as ice, beer crowns etc. can break the teeth and harm the root canals.

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