Invisalign and Orthodontics


Orthodontics has undergone a lot of transformation, thanks to the advance of modern technology. The days of using traditional braces to correct misaligned or crooked teeth appear to be slowly coming to an end, and this is primarily due to the emergence of the Invisalign procedure. This alternative to using traditional braces for the correction of misaligned teeth is gaining more popularity by the day as it offers dental patients the ease, comfort, flexibility, and confidence they are seeking. Even though the Invisalign procedure is not guaranteed to work in every situation, its benefits far outweigh whatever help conventional braces have to offer when it comes to beautifying your smile and improving your oral health. On the other hand, one advantage of metal braces is that they are a bit more precise. 

Here are the benefits of Invisalign® over braces:


Wearing braces makes the mouth appear unattractive. People do not usually like to smile when wearing them. They are also very noticeable and easily catch food without the patient being aware of it. This could worsen the situation as it will make cleaning your teeth more difficult, which could result in gum and bone damage. The Invisalign procedure in Granada Hills is hardly conspicuous as the wearer doesn’t appear to be wearing any form of braces whatsoever. They are unquestionably more attractive than conventional braces. Smile with confidence once again.

Period of treatment

It is known that you can wear braces as long as five years just to correct the misalignment of your teeth. Along with the virtually invisible appearance, Invisalign® can take a little less time than braces and can be taken off to eat various foods that are restricted with braces.


Braces are uncomfortable as the wearer has no choice but to keep them on after it has been put in place by an orthodontics specialist. The only way to remove braces is by visiting your dentist. On the other hand, our Invisalign procedure in Granada Hills can be removed easily by the wearer at any time and for brief periods to drink or eat. With Invisalign®, you can be sure of proper oral hygiene and do not need to be worried about food getting stuck in those hard-to-reach areas.


People who have used braces have mentioned how the projecting bits of metal puncture their gums and the insides of their mouth. Traditional braces also use considerable force when it comes to aligning the teeth. Thirdly, conventional braces can influence demineralization and decaying teeth. Invisalign® doesn't have any sharp edges that could hurt your mouth. They are comfortable and smooth, making you stay confident throughout the teeth-straightening process. Invisalign® also minimizes the damage caused by the long-term wearing of traditional braces, thus preventing cavities and gum disease.

Invisalign® Offers No Surprises

The use of traditional metal braces to correct misaligned teeth is a trial-and-error circumstance that does not give a clear-cut idea of what to expect. With Invisalign® every dental patient that uses this procedure undergoes computerized treatment planning. For that reason, both patients and the orthodontics specialists know what to expect as well as how long the patient needs the Invisalign®  before they even start wearing them. In conclusion, although the Invisalign® procedure may sometimes be expensive, the end-result makes it worthwhile. You can be sure to regain that beautiful and confident smile within a brief time when you opt for Invisalign® treatment over traditional braces. Aside from Invisalign, we also provide MTM clear aligner for smaller dental movements.