27 Nov

Preventing Foods From Staining Your Teeth

Kimia Family Dentistry has your trusted dentist in Granada Hills. We know how important it is for you to have white teeth. Along with deep cleaning, we suggest you use these tips to keep from staining your teeth. There are many different foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. Here’s a quick guide that will help you identify foods that cause staining and what to do after you eat them.

Foods and Drinks That Cause Tooth Staining:
You probably know that drinking too much coffee, tea, and wine can cause stains. But, did you know there are also many foods that can do the same thing?
Here is a list of a few other things that can stain your teeth:

– Tomato sauce
– Soy sauce
– Red berries
– Cranberry Sauce
– Beets
– Ways To Reduce Staining

There are a few different ways to reduce the staining of your teeth. We can suggest some great fruits and vegetables that can actually help fight teeth staining.
You can try eating dark, leafy greens before eating staining foods. Greens create a film that prevents staining.

We recommend you have regular checkups. Call us for teeth cleaning in Granada Hills:

– Rinse with water for about 30 minutes
– Crunchy foods can act as a detergent (raw carrots, celery & cauliflower)
– Fresh fruits like peppers and cucumbers

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