24 Jan

Ways To Stop Dental Grinding

Tooth grinding is a common problem. You probably will not damage your teeth if you occasionally clench or grind them. However, if you do this repeatedly, then you can damage your teeth as well as cause other dental problems. That is why it is important to get dental grinding treatment in Granada Hills.

A dentist Granada Hills will do an exam to check for signs of damage. If you have broken or loose teeth due to grinding, then you may need root canals and crowns. The following options will help you if you are in need of bruxism treatment in Granada Hills.

Wear a Night Guard
The best family dentist can make a night guard that is custom-made to fit your mouth, which can be made out of acrylic or plastic. It will not stop you from grinding, but it can prevent your teeth from being damaged.

Teeth grinding is often the result of stress. You can alleviate stress by exercising on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter whether you have an intense workout or take a stroll around the park. You can alleviate stress by getting your body moving.

Take a Warm Bath Before You go to Bed
The warm water will help relax your jaw muscles. You can also apply a warm cloth to your jaw.

Anxiety can cause you to grind your teeth, which is why it is important to take the time to unwind before you go to bed. If you suffer from severe anxiety, then you will need to talk to a therapist.

Watch Your Diet
Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided because they can worsen your teeth grinding.

Avoid Chewing Things That Aren’t Food
You do not want to chew on pencils or pens. Your jaw muscles will become used to clenching, which will make you more likely to grind your teeth.